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Thank you Simon, you are a terrific teacher. I am amazed at what I have learned.
My latest photographs are now in a national competition.
- John K


Simon's workshop was terrific. I got lots of time shooting and some really good advice. Heartily recommend him, I'm already booked for the next workshop.
- Trevor W


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    The "How To Photograph Art Nudes" DVD series was developed to provide real, solid information about shooting all the varieties of nude photography.

    Written and Presented by Simon Q. Walden. Simon has made a career out of shooting nudes and the DVDs are a huge brain-dump of everything he knows.

    All the sets are two disk sets and run from 2 to 3 hours depending on the title. In each "How To Shoot Nudes" title you get:

    • Concept and planning
    • Studio setup
    • Lighting diagrams to copy
    • Behind the scenes video
    • Over the shoulder view of the shoot
    • Posing and Directing guidance
    • Interviews with the models
    • A review of lighting equipment
    Each title features at least 3 professional and international art nude models. There are 9 to 12 nude shoots on each title. There is a huge amount of guidance and wonderful tips from Simon throughout. You can see lots of final nude pictures to understand the final results.



    Simon Q. Walden has written over 20 books related to photography. The "How to Shoot Nudes" series are companion books for the DVD series.

    In each ebook, PDF or Kindle version, you can see the final resulting images of nude models. You get the lighting recipe used in each photoshoot. You get Simon's core advice on how to plan and execute the shoot. There are also lots of nude photo tips and tricks as well. All the books are full colour with full colour nude images and artistic monochrome art nudes.



    The posing books "600 Nude Poses" and "1,000 Fashion Poses" are guides to flow-posing.

    The ebooks (available Kindle and PDF) are broken into posing types (i.e. standing, sitting, elegant etc)

    In each section you are shown a sequence of poses. You can use these flow-pose examples in your own shoots.

    If you are a photograph then you can pose your photography subjects quickly and with confidence. You will get more out of your photoshoot.

    If you are a model then you will be able to deliver a much wider range of poses, quickly and efficiently, making you much more valueable.

    If you are an artist or designer than you have 100s of poses to practice on and develop from.

    The books are full colour throughout.



    Simon Q. Walden has been teaching photography for many years. Photographers travel from all around the world for his workshops. Simon regularly teaches for Royal Photographic Society in the United Kingdom.

    Workshops range from beginner hobbyist to advanced professional. Workshops are planned to give you maximum shooting time with professional models.

    Photographer tuition either one-on-one or small group is also available. Tuition sessions really let you focus on the photographic techniques you need to learn.

    Simon has also launched the "" web channel for online photographic courses. Learn photography online at your own pace and time.



    The blog is a huge resource of useful information, with daily posts including:
    • Latest in fashion photographer
    • Hot news in fashion and nude photography
    • Examples of nude and glamour photos
    • Photoshoot examples and lighting guides
    • Photography news from around the web
    • Great images for photographic inspiration.


    Simon has been a photographer for over 30 years. He has won awards around the world as was Sony Digital Photography of the Year. Simon specialises on photographing people. His personal projects focus art nude images. He ran the largest studio in South-West of England for many years. His wedding photography is highly sought after.